Snow Sculpture Contest

In the 70's and early 80's the GACA held a Winter Carnival.  One of the events that attracted a lot of participation was the Snow Sculpture Contest.   So grab your shovels, imagination and spray paint.   Send us a picture of your masterpiece.   We will be awarding prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Event will close on March 1st then we will do on line voting till March 7th.   We have some amazing prizes from some small local business. 

                                       RECENT EVENTS


Electronic and Clothing Recycling Event


Thank you, thank you.....  We have just received the results of our Electronic and Clothing Recycling Event that we held from May till December.   Our wonderful little community has diverted 14.76 tonnes from the landfill from this event. 


We have ran this event for the past 6 years and during that time we have diverted 39.06 .   

Best Dressed Christmas Home:   

Thank you to all the home owners who sent in pictures of your Christmas decorations. Each of you have helped brighten up everyones Christmas

Congrats to house "I" they received the most votes.

The winning home was picked via on line voting.  We had 277 people cast their votes. 

We presented the homeowners with a beautiful Merry Christmas wood porch sign that we purchased from Rebel Skye Design a small local home business located in Ashton.

Looking forward to everyone 2021 entries.

Ceasar Sunday Basket 

Thank you to our community for their continued support they give us towards our fundraising efforts.  Congrats to Erin Matthews she won the Ceasar Sunday basket that was valued at over $150.00   All money we raise goes towards further community events . 


                                             PAST EVENTS 

Clean up the Neighbourhood. 

This was the first year we did this event and we had over 26 children participate and 5 adults there was over 20 garbage bags of clothes and three recyling bins.   We had two winners win a $50 gift certificate of a local restaurant of their choice,  we also treated each child who participated with a $10 gift certificate from either McDonalds, Subway, Tim Hortons or Dairy Queen.